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~*~my "interesting" life~*~

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Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
2:00 pm
I love it, I love it all right now. It just makes me so happy :D

current mood: ecstatic

(be free and boogie!)

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
4:11 pm - New Year's Resolution
I will go to my classes at uni this year.

I'm spending too much time in the library this week copying up lecture notes instead of studying!! My hand's sore :(

current mood: bored

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Sunday, January 1st, 2006
8:10 pm
Happy New Year everyone, hope 2006 is good to ya

current mood: calm

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Thursday, December 1st, 2005
12:25 pm - PARTY PARTY

Hey chaps, not updated in a month. This isn't really a proper update either, it's just to let everyone know that...


Dunno any times yet...prob around 8/9ish...bring your own booze and anything else that you feel would be welcome, people included.

See yas then!!!


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Monday, October 31st, 2005
3:11 pm
HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!!!!!

current mood: sleepy

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
2:17 pm - NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS!!!!!!
A church-house, gin-house
A school-house, out-house
On highway number nineteen
The people keep the city clean
They call it Nutbush, oh, Nutbush
Call it Nutbush city limits

Twenty-five was the speed limit
Motorcycle not allowed in it
You go to store on Fridays
You go to church on Sundays
They call it Nutbush, little old town
Oh, Nutbush, they call it Nutbush city limits

You go to field on weekdays
And have a picnic on Labor Day
You go to town on Saturdays
But go to church ev'ry Sunday
They call it Nutbush, oh, Nutbush
They call it Nutbush city limits

No whiskey for sale
You can't cob no bail
Saltpork and molasses
Is all you get in jail
They call it Nutbush, oh, Nutbush
They call it Nutbush city
Nutbush city limits

A little old town in Tennessee
That's called a quiet little old community
A one-horse town
You have to watch what you're puttin' down
In old Nutbush, they call it Nutbush ....

current mood: cheerful

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Thursday, October 6th, 2005
7:59 pm

current mood: chipper

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Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
12:33 pm
My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
lil_miss_chief goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Catwoman meeeoooooowwwww.
amantxmechant tricks you! You get a used tissue.
chezabella tricks you! You get a used tissue.
doctoreilidh tricks you! You get a block of wood.
gemmarius tricks you! You get a scratched CD.
k8_1787 gives you 17 green cherry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
my_boogie_baby gives you 18 green spearmint-flavoured pieces of taffy.
samsonlovesyou tricks you! You lose 22 pieces of candy!
search_my_soul gives you 10 milky white tropical-flavoured gummy bats.
that_girlio tricks you! You get a wet rag.
the_floozy gives you 11 purple watermelon-flavoured wafers.
lil_miss_chief ends up with 34 pieces of candy, a used tissue, a used tissue, a block of wood, a scratched CD, and a wet rag.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

What's with all the tricking? :(


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Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
3:31 pm - people are so nosy, staring at what i'm writing here
I didn't realise it was possible for me to reach new levels of classyness. Until today. I, Amy Carruthers, threw up in the sinks in the uni toilets...

Who's bright idea was it to go out drinking and dancing before the first day of uni with a 10am class? mine

What. A. Tool.


current mood: hungry

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
11:31 am - woo woo
Hello kiddies

Not updated properly in a while.

Life is great in the flat. The party was fun, with people from school coming that I hadn't seen in ages. Me and Corra made a list of everyone who was there and there was about 30, which wasn't bad for a Wednesday night. Nothing really got broken, only a chair and a lock... Flat got christened by people who weren't us :(

Then there was a night out in the Garage with Corra, Angela, Curtis and his cousin Stuart, where we met the Fun Lovin Criminals and Fast emailed me the picture he took of us :D yasssss. Then me and Corra went back to the flat, Curtis and Stuart were looking for Angela, Curtis left, Stuart helped us get two total asses out of the flat. One of the asses had left his cash card so me and Corra cut it up then the guy came back and threatened us with the police...empty threat...but it was exciting!

Seen Samson more which is good. Many cinema trips and sleepovers, and helping out with money...Oh, also the pregnancy hahahaha.

Looking for a job at the moment...no one is phoning me back... :(

Back to uni next week. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

All for now folks

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005
2:18 pm - this thing
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
6:28 pm - AMY HAS MOVED
I have a flat. People should come visit me (and Corra, and Alison).

It's behind Sauchiehall Street.

See Ya!


(be free and boogie!)

Sunday, August 28th, 2005
10:12 pm - survey survey
What song(s)…
1. makes you happy? quite a few
2. makes you sad? Evanescence ~ My Immortal - Zoe left me in her room with really depressing thoughts and this song was on the radio...it was the worst ever...that and Eric Carmen ~ All By Myself, Des'ree ~ Kissing You, Jeff Buckley ~ Hallelujah
3. reminds you of your childhood? Right Said Fred ~ Deeply Dippy, Ace of Base ~ All That She Wants, 4 Non Blondes ~ What's Up, Culture Beat ~ Mr Vain (Scarborough times), N-Trance ~ Set You Free, Oasis ~ Don't Look Back In Anger, any Spice Girls (routines!) or Take That songs
4. reminds you of someone? all the common room songs, freshers and others, I've got a lot of associations
5. reminds you of the summer? Morcheeba ~ The Sea or Groove Armada
6. reminds you of the winter? ummmm...Jingle Bells
7. gets you in “the mood”? Goldfrapp ~ Strict Machine, Sneaker Pimps ~ 6 Underground, Prodigy ~ Smack My Bitch Up, Nine Inch Nails ~ Closer
8. do you hate? Tony Christie ~ Amarillo AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH if I hear that song one more time!!!!
9. gets you on the dancefloor? any really, particularly Girls Aloud ~ Love Machine if I'm out with the girlies or Eric Prydz ~ Call On Meeeeeee
10. is your karaoke song? never sang karaoke, so I'm not sure yet
11. helps you relax? Wild Horses ~ various people sing this
12. makes you feel better? Sheryl Crow ~ If It Makes You Happy
13. do you clean to? :s don't have a specific song, but I used to always wash the dishes to Addicted To Bass for some reason
14. do you know all the words to? alllll the Spice Girl songs
15. is the last song you listened to? Lynyrd Skynyrd ~ Sweet Home Alabama
16. are you ashamed to like? QFX ~ Energy (don't hate me Jen! :p )
17. is your favourite? too many, but I like the old ones


current mood: cold

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Friday, August 26th, 2005
Alrighty lads, that's me back from my little holiday with Kate, Corra, Daphne and Alison. Was gooooood.

Tuesday we got the train to Kilwinning then to Prestwick and got the plane to Dublin, all with photos on the way thanks to my wonderful skills. Alison was not amused with all the photos. The plane was really quick, and when we got off we got our suitcases (Shelly, Zebby, Dotty, Doris, and Alison's black one...) and we got the bus to the hostel in Marlborough Street.

The hostel was alright...we went into our room and it was 3 sets of bunkbeds. However, there was someone else staying in the extra bed!! Oh it was scary. We got our stuff sorted out then this scary Italian man with big dreadlocks came in the room...so we left quickly and had a walk around the streets and headed to Temple Bar area, and went to The Alamo for dinner. Had a lovely steak baguette.

After that, we went back to the hostel, and decided to get ready to go back out, so we got changed...with the Italian man walking in and out at various times :| ...then we had some drinks and a truth session in the wee courtyard bit, then we went to a traditional Irish pub and got a pint of Bulmers (my baby Magners' twin) and had a singsong, like Dirty Old Town, Whiskey In The Jar, Country Roads, Rocky Road To Dublin, then we went back to the hostel and the Random Italian was asleep. Luckily he left about 4.30 that morning so we didn't have to put up with him any longer.

Wednesday we got up and went to Spar - THE SHOP THAT IS ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE IN DUBLIN - for breakfast, then got on the tour bus and toured the city. Got off at the Guinness Factory and me and Kate gave ourselves a very enriching self-guided tour. We loved the waterfall, it was so pretty. I want one. Then we got back on the bus and went round the city a bit more. Had some fruit for lunch. Then we went to Pennies (Irish Primark) and I spent a lot of money on nice clothes.

That night we went to Eddie Rocket's for dinner and went back to the hostel and just lay in our beds and chatted, we were still tired.

Yesterday we got up early again and went on the tour bus again and got off at Trinity College and had a look around there. We were going to see the Book of Kels but the queue was too long, so we went shopping in Grafton Street. I didn't have any money left but then I found out I could use my card, so we went back to O'Connell Street and back to Pennies, then me and Corra went to Clency's or whatever it was called and I spent a lot more money.

We went back to the hostel and got ready to go out. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, it was sooooooo lovely the food. I had an open grill. Delicious. We had a cocktail as well, and the waitress took our picture for us. After that, we went to Busker's, and they were having a Christmas Party!!! So there was fake snow and Santa and Christmas trees and Christmas music. Amazing.

Oh. My. God. SOOOOO many sleazy guys though! The suit guys, the Italian guys, the Spanish guys, the American guys, the Irish guys...I said to one who groped me "I have a boyfriend" and he said "so, so do I" :| ...oh I didn't like it. I danced with Daphne and Kate a lot, and occasionally Corra and Alison :p haha. At the end some random Californian guy started dancing with me and we did some fun-kay dancing. Have no idea what his name was. Great fun dancing though, spinning and twisting and shimming and just everything. Hilarious! Walked home in my bare feet, much to the disgust of Alison and Daphne, and then these three Irish guys started talking to us...and wouldn't leave us alone...they walked us allllll the way to the hostel then they stood and sang Flower of Scotland outside our window. It was funny but also disturbing! They were a bit insane, and finally left about 4amish?

We packed and then everyone except me slept, and then we went for the Airport bus at 5.30 this morning...oh god...it was not fun. People are not attractive in the morning. Me and Kate had our new big hoodies and big sunglasses on coz we are pretentious...well, I am anyway :) Then we got the plane home and then the trains and now I'm here!

Corra's birthday today, so a bunch of us are going out tonight in Largs. Don't think I can face the Fidds. Work tomorrow shall be amusing...12 hours...aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Sunday I shall die and pack.

Monday signing the lease for the flat and getting the keys. HOW EXCITING!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

loves love xxx

p.s I would post pictures but I can't be arsed.

Ooft that's taken me a half hour to write that.

things i forgot:
- "don't lose your shoe!!"
- "i thought that was jesus christ there!"
- my dangerous bed, i could've easily fallen out of it and plummetted to the ground
- me looking 32 apparently...not impressed
- a lot of hearing aid shops :s
- the traffic lights sounding like the start of Comfortably Numb by Scissor Sisters
- cheap lemonade
- vend-a-scent

current mood: tired

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Friday, August 19th, 2005
8:03 pm
I've had such a good day today. I worked, and nothing special happened, I even undercharged someone £20 which I'll need to sort out tomorrow, but I just felt so content.

I walked around with a big grin on my face, think I was starting to scare Greg a bit...


Yes. Click now.


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Monday, August 15th, 2005
8:05 pm - Sunday Funday

Me and Alison partied last night with the Lounge and Townhouse people. Good night so it was.

Started off in Townhouse, and lots of people were there from school and work and whatnot. Many photos taken by various cameras. Then we went to Lounge and saw more people. Went along to the Fidds, and for once, I really enjoyed myself there. I dunno why it was so good for a change. Saw Rachael, Cecilia and her sister, Gill McMath, Ryan and Jack, and lots of others. It was packed and I danced the whole time. Sore now!! Lost Alison at the end of the night, so ended up getting a taxi with Robi, even though he lives at the other end of Largs. Taxi drivers always miss the turn off to my street! I thought they're job was to know how to get to all the streets!

I was so tired this morning and I planned to sleep the whole day. But oh no, June phoned and I had to go to work. Luckily it was only for 2 & 1/2 hours! Had Mylo Drop The Pressure in my head the whole time for some reason, was dancing away, trying not to get any strange looks.

I'm just out the bath/shower. I was in for over an hour, it was GREAT. My hair's all wrapped up in a turban now. No plans for tomorrow yet, hopefully I won't get called into work...I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeep.

A week tomorrow til Dublin and 2 weeks today til we get the flat keys!! :D


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Friday, August 12th, 2005
10:27 pm - I like to move it move it.
I saw Madagascar today with Corra, Alison and Daphne.

It was funny. Curtis had said that I looked like the wee teeny lemur. When I saw it today, I didn't know whether to be insulted or not.

We went to Asda and TK Maxx beforehand and I bought a Led Zeppelin top. I was also looking at the baby clothes. Only 7 months to go now! Awwwww. My baby will be called Magners.

I keep having dreams about people I know, but have never met. It's a bit strange. They have voices in my dreams yet I don't know if they actually talk like that.

Having two journals is great. It helps to write things down then look back and spot any clues or patterns.

Work tomorrow should be funny, day and night. 13 hours :( I'm gonna be shattered on Sunday.

Big Brother. Can't believe Anthony won! Eugene was clearly the best.

Physically fit physically fit.....MOVE IT!

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Thursday, August 11th, 2005
7:21 pm - Chickadees
Yesterday me and Alison and Corra set up our joint bank account thanks to Mr Campbell Greene...what an idiot...he didn't know how to spell Psychology. Anyway, apart from that, it's all good I think, and I'm the primary holder after Corra saying I wasn't allowed to deal with the finances coz I'd put the account name as Student Royalities Account instead of my name :D

I went home after that then Zoe came up for a bit and we had a good chat. She has tonsilitis poor dear. Hope she didn't pass it on! Corra text us and us and her and Alison and Daphne met up later in the Moorings, then we went to Fluid then we went to Lounge. Had a wee laugh.

Today I worked then went to Zoe's to drop off Closer. Might go to the comedy theatre to see Miss McCabe coz I've not seen it on a Thursday yet.



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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
7:23 pm - take my hand
Hello girls and boys.

I have no complaints.

On Sunday me and Samson had a nice wee day trip to Edinburgh and saw Simon Munnery do comedy. He's a funny guy. My so-called motion was great :D We also saw David from Coronation Street and a woman from Take The High Road, who was looking not amused. After Edinburgh we went back to his house and I won at whatever football game we were playing. More Amy songs. Rolling in Coco Pops. Ordered Indian and didn't manage to eat it all. I turned into a Shelley Duvall look-alike in the shower :( Then we went to bed.

Woke up at a ridicously early time and then got tired again and slept til 1ish. More songs then Tesco. I was so tired and a bitty moody. Had tomato soup while watching the start of The Pianist, which I actually would like to see the end of now. I got the train back into Glasgow, was the ONLY person on it which felt weird. Got the train to Largs, had some dinner, got changed and went back out for the Lounge staff night out.

What a good night out. It really is a time for bonding with your fellow members of staff. Some of it was a bit...strange and random. I found out things that I kinda wished I didn't know, and I danced danced danced. Managed to spend only £8 woo! Everyone was a bit mingin. Poor Viv! I stole all the lollipops from the toilets. We got back to Largs about 4.45ish...took us a while to get Robi off the bus. Then me, him, Gemma, Oz, Gilky and Nikki went to the pie shop, and me, Gemma and Oz sat at Scott Park munching away. Got to my bed about 6. Slept in my newly acquired boxers :) Had work at 10.

I nearly died at work from exhaustion. Kinda better now coz I had some food.

Neil passed his Highers! Yeah for him!!

loves love xxx

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Saturday, August 6th, 2005
10:55 am - i'd hand you myself on a platter, but i think you'd just send it back

I like making that sound although sometimes I get carried away with it...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It's all YES then your own conclusions take you to no.

I spent pretty much the whole day at Corra's yesterday. Alison came too. We went to the bank and they said they had to set up an appointment so we could open our account. We then went to the other banks and felt grown up. Then we went to Safeways Morrisons to buy lunch and we met Kate, so we all went back to Corra's house and ate and cut up magazines. Me and Kate went home for tea then we came back with more magazines and we made things for the flat. I have a beeeeeeautiful collage now for my room, with phrases such as "The condom split last night" "steady and reliable performance" "for pleasure or profit?" and "self discovery" on it.

Provisional party date is Friday 9th September. Everyone is invited.

Going for a shower now and then work then home and dinner then work.

loves ♥ xxx

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